pondělí 9. dubna 2012

New year's eve joint anyone?

i have decided to contribute to this blog with original content, pics i took or stuff i made in real life so this time i brought to you a joint we celebrated new year's with. was indeed incredible

my apologies for poor quality

čtvrtek 5. dubna 2012

Selection of stoner comics #3

sorry for being inactive past week, had some school stuff to do etc, so anyway back in action!
comic related to my paranoia when cops are close

středa 28. března 2012

Heaven is a place on Earth

starting at 5€, awesome!
edit: i know this been cruising around the internet for years but i still find it amazing and yet speaking for itself as it is in amsterdam (or should i say was)

sobota 17. března 2012

čtvrtek 15. března 2012

The obvious

dont you dare to argue with me on this one...

source on pic

pondělí 12. března 2012

Pot brownies

this time i have a how to guide for ya guys, and yet weed related. i saw home made brownies post yesterday so..here you go once more

click here for this kinda large picture

neděle 11. března 2012

Epic stoner movies

sup fellas, tonite i share a great list of stoner movies, hope you enjoy

čtvrtek 8. března 2012

Ganja facts

yo another weed stuff bros, enlighten yourself

full hd version of this